A pedestrian accident can be a life-changing experience, regardless of where you are or how it happens. The injuries you sustain can leave you disabled or even take your life. In the best case scenario, you may have some minor energies yet suffer from psychological scars. However your accident turns out, being in a pedestrian accident is a horrible experience. Below are the steps you should take if you are involved in a pedestrian accident.

Get Medical Help

it may seem obvious to get medical help, especially if there’s a situation where you have serious injuries and need emergency medical attention. Sometimes, though, the injuries may not be obvious. Regardless, you should seek medical attention. There are some potential injuries that are not visible and could take a few days to develop. This is not only important for your health, but it is important if you decide to file a claim or a personal injury lawsuit. The insurance company could deny your claim if you choose not to seek medical care.

File a Police Report

another thing you should always do is file a report with the police. Everyone involved at the scene should stop, call 911, and wait for the report to be filed by the police. Try to take him as much information as you can while you wait and exchange information with the driver. You will want to write down their name, their driver’s license number, their car insurance information, the vehicle model, and the registration information.

Look for Witnesses

if there are witnesses to the accident, they can be essential to determining who is at fault in the accident. Locate potential witnesses at the scene, write down their statements, and get their pertinent information.

Keep a Journal of Your Healing Process

after the accident occurs, keep an ongoing journal of every event such as the treatments prescribed by your doctors, your limitations, any time missed at work, and more. If you decide to seek compensation for your expenses, writing down the information will help your argument be more convincing.

Contact an Attorney

be sure to contact an attorney shortly after your accident. Once the police report is filed and you have sought medical care, the next person you call should be your attorney. They are responsible for building your case and advising you throughout the process. The sooner you bring your attorney into the loop, the better your chances of winning a case if you decide to seek damages.


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